No one uses VAPs! Do it and win.

By Jeremy Blake on October 6, 2020

A delegate on one of our open programmes shared an insight which both shocked her and at the same time exposed the opportunity to her.

Taking the training while on furlough she can’t apply the sales skills to customers, so instead is measuring and monitoring the skills of all the organisations she is buying from.

Over three weeks from buying clothes and sorting projects in tech and for the home, she hasn’t had a single salesperson able to use the answers she has given them into their recommendations.

Let me explain. The salespeople have attempted to ask questions and then when she has given her answers, not a single aspect of her answers appears in the suggestions they make to her.

Now it doesn’t surprise me. Salespeople are trained to ask questions and yet they don’t really know why they need to!  They just want to get to good old features and benefits which are usually growing whiskers.

They also aren’t trained in how to develop VAPs. Value added Propositions. A VAP builds on the work of Rosser Reeves and his USP.  The Unique Selling Proposition (see image of my copy of his 1961 edition of Reality in Advertising).

The skill in making a product or service seem bespoke takes listening and language skills, and the great news, it isn’t an education issue, it is a training opportunity.  A concrete way to make a sale is to deliver 3 personalised VAPs to your client or customer.

Our delegate now has a bank of VAPs that can be personalised to each and every customer and she sees the huge gap of this skill in her industry.

She will fly when she shortly returns.