New Year's Resolutions

By Bob Morrell on January 30, 2023

Many of us set resolutions in January, but how many of us keep them? A recent survey estimates only 46% can keep to these commitments. Another survey, of the Top 10 resolutions that people make, has ‘read more’ at number 10 – how vague is that? ‘Lead a more fulfilling life’ is at number 5 – again, where’s the specifics here?

There are key reasons why we don’t keep our resolutions: some are habitual - we just can’t stop ourselves doing what we’ve always done; some of them are about knowledge – we don’t understand enough to allow the knowledge to convince our own minds on the need to change. 

I had a goal to join the 5am club. That group of successful people who spend their time between 5am-6am every day, doing yoga, reading, and meditating, getting their minds focused for the day ahead. It’s now the end of January and I haven’t done it once. I love the idea of it. How to do it is another, completely different challenge for me! Jeremy coached me on it and reminded me that I am a night owl. For me, early mornings are a challenge, so 5pm would be a better time for me to do this kind of thing. 

The key reasons we fail are:

1) the goal is not well formed enough to be actionable

2) the goal is too difficult to measure

3) there is no accountability if the goal is not achieved

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