Mood Hoovers - What is the purpose of a Team Building Event?

By Bob Morrell on October 13, 2017
We love running company-wide, motivational events. You meet up with the client and talk about the exciting, once a year get together, where a few hundred people, would all arrive in one place and celebrate their year of success, and then do something worthwhile by way of team building or a people development task. 
Lots of companies like the idea of something about Mindfulness. We have a programme called Reality MIND that uses mindfulness to motivate and stimulate creativity. It’s fun, relaxing and challenges conventional corporate thinking in the nicest possible way, through tapping into the unconscious of every individual. One thing people forget is that you can’t do anything on mindfulness with a telephone on your person – it just doesn’t work! You can’t be visualising success and positive thinking with something buzzing and vibrating in your pocket! The truth is that we're all addicted to our phones and will not consider giving them up, even for a couple of hours! So if you fancy Mindfulness – forget it! 
The single biggest obstacle to a successful team build is the Mood-Hoovers who are normally tasked with organising it. You get 3 types – 
1.The senior person who can’t stand the thought of doing anything especially fun or motivational – because they’ve done nothing fun or motivational themselves for years.
2. The L&D professional who have varied wild, whacky and dull ideas but limited event organising skills and 
3. The manager who just wants to keep everyone happy and so wants to stop anything that might be slightly challenging for a workforce whose creativity and abilities they clearly doubt. 
If you are considering this sort of event then simply, what is the purpose? If there is none – then don’t do it.  Why not send everyone £20 to buy a few drinks with and dismiss this whole thing?
On the other hand, if this sort of event is worth doing, then take a step back, look at every aspect, and create something extraordinary for your company. Feed them great healthy food, challenge them to think, do something physical, get them doing something creative and positive. And most importantly, give the organisation to people who can see the value, want to do it properly, and trust them to make the right decisions in making it happen. 
If you are so unhappy in your own life that you want to make sure that transfers down to everyone in your company then you probably aren’t the best person to organise this kind of event.