Listen to the Experience of a Business Partnership Celebrating 21 years

By Jeremy Blake on March 25, 2021

Calling People Who Don’t Listen to Podcasts.

Why should I try Bob and Jeremy’s Conflab?

  1. You will learn things that you don’t know.
  2. You will be happily reminded of things that you do.
  3. You will get knowledge from experts and ‘normal people’ found in our research.
  4. You will get conflicting ideas and opinions from our ‘Debate Episodes’.
  5. You will listening to two people who have been friends for 30 years.
  6. You are hearing what has come from their work together which is now at 21 years this month.
  7. You will smile and laugh.
  8. You will be entertained.
  9. You will be informed.
  10. You will have new things to say to people who you lead, manage, and collaborate with.

So, there isn’t too much downside…

Top 5 in our charts are:

The Age of Targeting is Over
We debrief a live debate we held on Zoom titled The Age of Targeting is over. On the toss of a coin from one of the participating audience Jeremy was for the motion and Bob against. In between our short presentations we heard from our audience over what they felt about targeting and the arguments we had made. This first episode looks at the topic of targeting in the light of the lockdown due to Coronavirus and ask if and how targeting can work so. Listen and see where you stand.

Dissecting the Obsession with Meetings
We meet over the airwaves to chat about the problem with meetings.
Discover some better ways to have them!
It might be the language - a look at other European words and names for what actually takes place.
Some great statistics to scare you and one that will make you laugh.
Be aware of Parkinson's Law..!
Some proven ground rules to have better meetings.
Mr Musk's take on the topic and that of a global HR contact.
We hope this meeting, er episode, is worth your time.
Why not listen before your next meeting or make listening to this, the actual meeting?!

Disloyal Bonding
The dangerous habit that could even be described as a disease - it spreads, of sales and service people bonding with the customer against the company, brand, or system.
Salespeople do this in the belief that it will make the customer 'bond' with them. 
It has the opposite effect and can destroy a brand, quickly.
In this episode we give you examples of where disloyal bonding lives in businesses, often at the very top, and we give you ways to recognise it and remove it.
Whether your organisation is selling suits, software or coffee this topic is both urgent and important.
As an owner, director, manager, salesperson or someone interested in the longevity of your organisation - you need to play your part in removing disloyal bonding from your culture.

Two Englishmen in New York
We look back on our first trip to train salespeople and managers in the US.
Us teach North Americans to sell? The land of Zig Ziglar and Elmer Wheeler... 
We talk about the great characters we met and the fun and at times bizarre experiences we had, mostly outside of training. We throw in a few sales stories for good measure too. 

Training in India
In this episode Bob and I talk about our experience of training in India. How much we learned while delivering training and in some areas we didn't expect. We talk about the journey, the food, buying clothing and a cricket bat, getting the analogies right, great nights at Strikers, spending time with a top music star and his band, and much more.

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