Leadership in Liberia

By Jeremy Blake on December 14, 2016

Twenty years ago, I was teaching English as a foreign language at St Clare’s Oxford on their summer school.

On our first day of induction training I met my fellow teachers for what would be the next three months. One was this guy who had hair like Michael Hutchence and clothes like Michael Palin.

I soon found out that this chap, called Simon Crowe, was at the highest level in TEFL. He was just completing an MA in how to use media and technology to teach English as a foreign language at Newcastle University, and he had a stack of ways to bring learning and language alive.

In the break times, we would swap lessons ‘on the fly’. I would say. ‘I’ve just done my art lesson to upper intermediate, here’s the prompt sheet, it creates an amazing discussion about art!” Simon would then challenge me on what the outcomes would be and how would the students be challenged to think and learn and be creative at the same time? He took the mickey out of me beautifully too and made me laugh so how could he not become a great mate too!

We’d lose track of time and would manage two sips of coffee and a bite of a digestive before we went back to our next lesson. Simon had a queue of people wanting help with how to perfect their lessons or keen to share theirs, knowing that in doing so the lesson and the learning would be improved.

And perhaps most importantly their learning and development would be improved so they would be able to help and inspire students to progress quicker than they thought possible.

Simon continues to help people grow in their creativity and capability by challenging them and coaching them. His work is in classrooms of many kinds some with four walls and most with no walls at all. Which leads me to the title of this post. Leadership in Liberia.

In February 2017 Simon has an opportunity for you to take.

If you are prepared to take your leadership to a totally unexplored place, if you are looking to become a heart-centred transformational leader, and are focused on creating impact and powerful change with the people that you lead then this may be the trip for you.

I caught up with Simon on Zoom this week and filmed our conversation.

I hope this gets you curious to learn more.

Simon is offering all readers of this post and viewers of the interview a one to one conversation with him to explore what Leadership in Liberia could mean to them -to you.

Link to interview

For more details on Leadership in Liberia go to www.thebigidea.space

To contact Simon directly, please email him mail@simoncrowe.com