Leadership Levels and Disloyal Bonding from Head Office

By Jeremy Blake on September 14, 2021

Disloyal bonding is when somebody representing a customer talks down about an aspect of the business, the whole organisation or individuals or process within it, in an attempt to bond with the customer.

When they do this, they are putting the business at a disadvantage, risking revenue and reputations, and sending their integrity on holiday.

It's a surprising thing, but extremely common because people who do it rarely stand back from what they're doing to recognise the harm they inflict to businesses. In a roundabout way they are biting the hand that feeds them because they don’t like what the hand has dealt them. So, instead of making a policy or process improve they ‘knock it’ in front of the customer. “Sorry it’s a shambles, the process is very slow and poor, you will get the delivery, it just will take longer!”

There are a whole series of actions, principles or processes people carry out on a regular basis because they are edicts sent from head office.  It could be a simple way to handle a complaint, or what you should say to somebody who expresses interest in a modification, the list is endless. Sadly, the amount of people engaging in disloyal bonding seems to be at a record high in some marketplaces.

If you’re a leader, ask yourself this question, “are we strategically forcing our people to bond with customers in a way that puts our own company at a disadvantage?”

What are the Head Office decisions which sound like a good idea, but actually damage your business?

In a recent podcast episode, we give examples of really poor strategies which some companies just don’t understand. When there is a complaint, how many consumers talk to their friends about how poorly they’ve been dealt with?  Decision makers may be so far removed from the realities and practicalities in the rarefied atmosphere they spend time in, that don’t realise disloyal bonding is taking place. Yes, we want to hit our targets but at what cost?!

This podcast connects the customer all the way to the CEO and challenges them to do the right thing. 

We also have some fun imagining what the world would be like if businesses ran interviews based on the different levels of leadership explored in Vlatka Hlupic's The Management Shift.Check out Leadership Levels and Disloyal Bonding from Head Office https://realitytraining.com/bob-and-jeremys-conflab-podcast  Or go straight to your preferred podcast player.