Interactive Conference Speaking

By Jeremy Blake on November 9, 2021

Bob and I had our first live conference session in two years this week. It makes a big difference seeing people’s whole bodies rather than their stamp sized faces!

We were able to take some time and redevelop the way we deliver these sessions.  We now offer all conference bookers a more interactive experience.

People have sat at their screens long enough, so we feel they don’t want to sit in the conference room without being made to think, talk, call things out and more – participation and interaction is more fun and more stimulating.

We are keeping in the tried and tested parts that work. Yes, we still do some acting for you and will develop short sketches to show you how not to do things, taking the mickey at the appropriate level!

As trainers, we are used to working with our delegates live. All that changes with a conference is the numbers go up. You might have hundreds of people. Even more reason to keep them active and engaged.

If you are planning your New Year or Spring season conference, then get in touch and we’ll take a brief and give you our ideas of how to make it the best conference you’ve had in years.

It may be the first conference you’ve had in years, so don’t leave booking the guest speakers to the minute.

It is very often the start of a beautiful relationship. Of all the conferences we have spoken at, only 22% of them have been one off bookings. The other 88% have led to training programmes and with one client, we have spoken for them seven times over the last twelve years!

Get in touch and see how we can help you create something powerful and memorable that gets people laughing and looking at things differently.

One person who spoke to me after the conference yesterday said, “you’ve given me three clear and powerful approaches I can work on with my team from tomorrow morning, this is just what I needed.”

We didn’t call our business Theory, we called it Reality for a reason.

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