How to Sell, an Open Programme

By Jeremy Blake on March 4, 2021

“It isn’t online training, it’s live training online.”

What does someone selling the rental of contemporary flats, another selling technical equipment to the mineral industry, a luxury yacht holidays seller, and the agent of world class sporting and entertainment events have in common?

Nothing and everything.

They all deal with decision makers who want to feel like they’ve bought something and not been sold to, and they want to reduce the risk of that decision.

This is just a handful of the current group taking the second How to Sell Programme

The last time Reality Training ran open courses all the delegates had to travel to London, where they assembled for the day.  We packed all the training, a powerful and proven conversational approach to selling advertising into this single day and off they went with a rock-solid approach, but got to spend no more time testing, persuading and challenging each other.

How things have changed in approach, a good thing to come from these challenging times.

Now delegates can come from anywhere in the world and log into the sessions using our virtual platform.

The course is modular and runs over 5 weeks. It isn’t online training, it’s live training, online.

We make full use of modern technology. Delegates get short pre module tasks via a video and each module is supported by a podcast where we discuss the principle and bring it to life.  At the end of each week, we have a group coaching session where we can check in on people’s progress in putting their learning directly into practice.

The other huge advantage is the peer to peer learning and opportunity for perspective from outside your industry.  And they get to hear this from each other, not only from the trainer.  When a delegate gets an idea on an approach that is used in another market, they can translate the principle to work for them, helping to bring a fresh perspective into their industry.  This can only happen through learning and developing people in this type of programme.

Got sales people? Need sales? Registration is open with an early bird incentive for the next course that begins on 23rd April.

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