How to Sell and Serve Through Brexit

By Jeremy Blake on September 7, 2017

Just before the summer break Reality Training ran two Brexit Briefing events.

These were developed to ensure business leaders learn what they have to do to support and inspire their sales and service teams to perform through Brexit and beyond.

We had a journalist attend the London event, Abra Dunsby of Travel Trade Gazette’s and she applied our principles to that industry. Read her article in full, below.

Bob and I applied the current and potential outcomes of Brexit to fictional couple Ben and Stacey. They are earning the UK’s average salary and can represent many of your employees as well as your customers.

We are planning some new events for the Autumn and will announce them soon.

This month we are offering Bespoke Brexit Briefings to Boards and teams of Heads of Departments and Functions.

Like your own shot in the arm?

Discover what you need to do to prepare and thrive whatever the weather.

Here’s just 6 of the insights you’ll gain and be able to act on:

1. Key economic indicators – doom, gloom and positive.

2. What is ‘the abdication of responsibility’, and have you already caught this infectious disease?

3. The secret of selling with a retention based mindset from the start.

4. Sales leadership and how it differs from sales management.

5. 5 Key metrics to measure up to.

6. Why leading brands use our models.


You have 21 days to book your own Bespoke Brexit Briefing with the directors of Reality Training, Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake.

To book your own bespoke Brexit Briefing, email Ann Harris

Read Abra Dunsby’s Feature in The Travel Trade Gazette Here