How to Sell – Right Now. The Best Way to Boost Results.

There are 3 questions a salesperson has to be able to answer to make a sale:

  1. Why should I buy what you’re selling?
  2. Why should I buy it from you?
  3. Why should I buy it now?

Can your salespeople answer these questions with flying colours?

Over 5 weeks, using just 2 hours per week, your salespeople will learn how to sell. 

They will learn from sales trainers who still sell, and they will gain relevant insights from other sectors to apply to your business.

How to Sell Right Now : The Best Way to Boost Results

These programmes are designed for a Covid 19 environment.  Geography is no longer a limitation. 

In the words of a leader booking two of her people on the first programme:

“You’ve given me a ready-made programme that would have taken me hours to do, and I would have done it only from my perspective. You’re taking care of my single biggest variable: my salespeople.”

2 hours Zoom time per week is supported with bespoke podcasts, films and coaching. 

Topics include: 

Flying Start: Beginning All Communication Effectively. 

Powerful Questioning & Listening.

Selling Your Product or Service: Verbally or in Writing.

Handling Objections and Negotiating.

Closing the Sale, Programming Referrals & Repeat Business.


Investment is £575 per person including VAT

Forthcoming dates for this programme:

30th October 2020

11th January 2021

7  Reasons to Invest in an Open Programme from Reality Training 

  1. Your biggest variables are your frontline managers and your salespeople. Your investment makes that variable stronger, more skilled and with new knowledge.
  2. Reduce your risk. Untrained people using the wrong approaches are damaging to morale, service and profits.
  3. Blended mix of methods – the live training is over Zoom, as is the group coaching. You have videos for pre-module preparation, and podcasts to cement understanding.
  4. Apply what they’re learning, directly – the training is experiential. People apply what they have covered in each module directly to your team or with your customers.
  5. 19 years of training expertise– you learn the best of our two decades of developing people across the world and from diverse markets. We’ve put the prime principles, methods and approaches into your open programmes.
  6. Geography is no longer a challenge. You can develop people from any office and any country in the world. You can give people a shared experience.
  7. ROI – in nearly every case you require a single order to get your investment back. As far as your managers are concerned, they get the 10X factor.

The outcome will be more dynamic and effective salespeople.

Places are limited to 20 per programme and cost £575 per person, including VAT.

Irresistible Offer Book one delegate for the course and get the second delegate place completely FREE.

To book a place on the programme please email or call 01580 720377