How Ready Are You for Brexit?

By Bob Morrell on June 23, 2017

So a year has passed since we voted to leave the EU.

What’s changed? On the face of it, not a great deal.

  1. We are still in the EU.
  2. We have served notice.
  3. The official negotiations have just begun.
  4. We’ve had an election.
  5. We are no more certain today of the outcome of this decision than we were 1 year ago.

We can choose to sit and wait, and hope that the outcome favours us in some way, or favours our business.
The uncertainty helps certain businesses to do very well (exporters) and hinders service companies that 80% of us work in.

The likelihood of any kind of a deal, good or bad, being struck within the 2 year timetable seems pretty unlikely too – so we could stay in for longer, or have a transition period – who knows?

What is certain is that your customers will still have needs, and wants. They will require service, relationships with the brands they buy from, and they will want those brands to demonstrate their confidence in what’s happening – regardless of what that is.

This takes some real thought and actions. We delivered our Reality Brexit Briefings this week where we considered exactly what the squeeze on finances was doing to customers, and we suggested several actions that could be taken right now, to ease concerns and prepare for a better future. We’ll be releasing clips and a webinar on these sessions in due course, but in advance that – please ask yourself the question above – How ready are you for Brexit? If you’d like some help answering that question then please contact – we are ready and able to find you the light to guide you through the gloom!