How to Motivate Customer Service People

By Bob Morrell on October 2, 2015

Customer Service has changed in the last five years. As my colleague would say 'the lines have blurred between selling and serving'. You could be employed to answer calls and deal with queries and complaints, then be asked to negotiate a settlement, or sell something, or sell a number of items, all stemming from the single call.

So being asked to work in customer service for a major firm may seem straightforward. But what's this? The word 'omni-channel' is marching towards you - and you need to change or your firm won't survive because customers can now choose their method of service, be it face to face, telephone, web chat, email or a combination - and they expect great service every time, too.

So how do we motivate customer service people? Dealing with complaints all day must be demoralising mustn't it? It's about mindset and empowerment.

1. If I believe every complaint is a gift, that every call is a chance to make my customers love my company so they spend more and ensure my future, then that is my motivator.

2. If I believe that my company is developing my communication skills to prepare me for greater things then that motivates me to try harder with every call to deliver.

3. If I believe that every manager is there to help me improve, to coach how I behave with customers, what I say, how I sound, so that the quality of that interaction is maintained, and it is done in a positive way, then that is my motivator to continue developing.

4. If I am trained on the features that I can offer my customers, in a way that clearly shows them and me how brilliant this option is, then I can sell it with enthusiasm.

5. If I am shown a clear career path, into management and greater experiences and increased job satisfaction then I will behave and act that way from day 1.

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