How to Have Effective September Sales Meetings

By Jeremy Blake on September 7, 2017

You need to make your September Sales Meetings count as they lead into, what are for many people, the highest sales revenue generating months of the year.

Sales Meetings come down to several things but mostly 5 areas.

1. What the brand/business/more senior people/owner/shareholders want.

2. What you want as the shaper and leader of the team. Putting your mark on their method.

3. What they want each individual to achieve.

4. What intervention and support they need to get to reach the mix of 1, 2 and 3.

5. Understanding their capability.

That’s your agenda.

The first two are the ones you should have "off pat." There should be a vision and goals for the firm. You should have your angle and be growing as a leader.

The next three are where you should spend the most time and the meeting should enable them to share with you and their colleagues what they want to achieve, the support they need and you should help them plot the path and timescale to achievement through your continued understanding of what they are truly capable of.

When they get the right combination of creativity and effort working for them the CEO, you and they can have the Autumn they want.

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