How to Guarantee Motivating Online Meetings

By Jeremy Blake on April 16, 2020

Announcing Your New Video Conference Speaking Double Act

Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake have spoken at over 50 conferences and events.

Whether you have people in furlough or in work, or a mix of both of those positions, here are just three challenges we can help you overcome.

  1. People’s perception of their own value. Not everyone is a key worker and for some, that phrase sticks in their mind. They don’t believe that what they do has any big value compared to what other people do. Their heads go down. They could be in management, sales, marketing, admin or even production. Their mindset has taken a battering and they are struggling to adjust. We have spent years helping people get out of ruts.


  1. Disloyal Bonding. This is when someone in your business talks down the brand or an aspect of the business operation, in an attempt to bond with the customer. “Yes, we’ve had a number of people self-isolating who didn’t need to, and that’s made the rest of us have to work twice as hard. Which is why you are going to have to wait a little longer Madam…”
    Instead of bonding, this has the reverse effect on me, I wonder why they work there and what they really care about. We will help nip disloyal bonding in the bud.


  1. Managers desperate for Revenue, reward the wrong behaviours. The right leaders have enabled and supported their people through this crisis and been all too aware of the importance of keeping their people mentally well. They have also followed all the guidelines and advice to stay physically well. Revenue for many organisations is down and someone is looking at the sales figures and wants those results to change. What you need to have is a team of managers who are aligned and united against the same set of behaviours your business and brand want to display and reward. If managers compete in the wrong way and chase sales without the right principles, bad things happen.

Here’s just three topics that we can help you with.  We will bring the combination of our experience gained through years of working with leading brands and our continued research and development into how people need to adapt to be successful.

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