How to get people or prospects to open up more on Zoom/Teams/other...

By Jeremy Blake on December 8, 2020

'Not De Niro'

An insight from running our Open Courses.

Sometimes when using Zoom or other web conferencing options, it seems you and your customer are even closer than you would be if you were face to face!  When all you can see is their face. And that’s all they see of you.  If you are talking to someone and they give you an answer, it can feel awkward to ask them to expand on it and say more.

A year ago, I made a Facebook live video titled ‘De Niro your Customers’.  The good news is you can De Niro your customers while video conferencing, whereas you have to make sounds or say few words while using the phone.

You’ll get what I’m at when you watch the video!– Click here…

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