Homeworker Contact Centres: 7 Tips for Success

By Jeremy Blake on May 19, 2023

As the working from home trend continues to grow, it’s important to equip yourself with effective strategies to thrive in this new dynamic. Whether you’re managing agents who work remotely, or you work from home yourself, here are 7 practical tips and ideas to enhance your approach and make it a success.

  1. Embrace Remote Work

Let’s face it, remote work is here to stay, so it’s time to embrace it fully. Believe it or not, companies like GitLab, one of the world’s top enterprise software start-ups, has been rocking a completely remote workforce since its start in 2014. Statistics back it up too, with 53% of North Americans and 4% of the UK working population engaged in some form of remote contact centre work.

  1. Invest in Technology

When it comes to remote work, investing in the right technology is key. Make sure your remote workers have suitable laptops, reliable broadband connections, and the necessary communication devices. Staying up to date with the latest technological advancements is crucial to optimise your agents’ performance and efficiency. And don’t forget, remote workers should also take charge of their work environment by investing in equipment like desks, chairs, and other essentials to create a productive workstation.

  1. Harness Analytics

Keeping track of your agents’ activities and productivity is essential. By employing analytics software, you can gain insights into their performance and maintain a certain level of control. But remember, remote workers should also take ownership of their own metrics and performance. By monitoring their own progress, they can identify areas for improvement and keep their motivation levels high.

  1. Balance Activity & Accomplishment

Instead of just focusing on tracking activity, let’s shift our attention towards measuring accomplishment and results. Ultimately, what matters most is the impact on customer experience, whether it’s providing exceptional service, driving sales, or showcasing excellent management skills. Evaluating performance based on quality rather than quantity can lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

  1. Establish Structure & Feedback

To create a productive remote work environment, it’s crucial to establish a strong structure for daily operation. Remote workers should have a clear routine, and managers should provide regular feedback to address any challenges or concerns that may arise. Communication is key, so keep those channels open and make sure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Video-on Mentality & Professionalism

In the realm of remote management, video communication plays a crucial role. It allows for face-to-face interaction and helps with nonverbal communication cues that are essential for effective teamwork. While it’s natural to incorporate some aspects of home life, clear expectations regarding professionalism and work commitments should be established from the get-go.

  1. Self-Management & Continuous Improvement

Remote workers need to be masters of self-management. They should take charge of their own analytics, monitor their performance, and continuously seek ways to improve. By doing so, they contribute to the success of the contact centre. Managers, on the other hand, should focus on guiding their remote teams, emphasising the customer experience, and providing regular coaching and feedback to keep the momentum going.

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