Hamlet The Salesman

By Bob Morrell on October 5, 2021

In Hamlet, there are many points of humour used by Shakespeare to break up what is ultimately a tragedy. The prince must persuade the players to a) perform a story that will expose his father’s murderer, and b) recite a speech he has written. In that speech, the playwright tells us all how to act, present, get across our message; ‘Neither saw the air too much with your hand’ and also ‘suit the word to the action, the action to the word’ – really good advice, but also persuasive – he’s not just asking, he is persuading through his knowledge of acting, using his authority.

In the play he must persuade his friend that the ghost of his father was right about the murder. He must persuade his mother not to sleep with Claudius anymore. He must persuade Laertes that he did not mean to insult him, and he succeeds in all of these endeavours with a language and tone of integrity and purpose.

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