Frontline Managers Part 1 – Open Course

In the current climate, all businesses are looking to their customer-serving teams to perform, and your teams are looking at their managers to lead them. How equipped are they to do that? 

Change Behaviour Change Results
"It was very good. Well planned and well delivered, a very smoothly and well organised course that will help me going forward in my business, Bobby and Jeremy have a fantastic knowledge and formula and have brought the subject of management, training and coaching alive in delivering this knowledge." Jamie Orpwood, Faccenda

Frontline Management Part 1 : Essential Skills for Sales Managers and Team Leaders.

Over 5 weeks, using just 2 hours per week, Managers will build a robust plan of action to inspire their teams, manage people remotely, and learn different skills in persuading people to create worthwhile goals and pursue better habits. They’ll discover exactly how to support their team in order to improve their sales results.

Your 5 week programme comes with a full workbook with key notes and principles mapped out in an easy to follow module by module step by step way.  We’ve built in sections for you to take notes under each section so you can clearly keep your place and make the notes in all the right places.  Your workbook also asks you key questions to build on and keep returning to after the course so the document becomes a live reference as you are testing out new approaches.

Topics include: 

  • Long Terms Sales Strategy,
  • Remote Team Management & Remote Meetings, 
  • Running Sales Meetings, Positive Ways to Persuade – Managing Up and Down. Goal Setting.

Forthcoming available start date is:


7  Reasons to Invest in an Open Programme from Reality Training 

  • Your biggest variables are your frontline managers and your salespeople. Your investment makes that variable stronger, more skilled and with new knowledge.
  • Reduce your risk. Untrained people using the wrong approaches are damaging to morale, service and profits.
  • Blended mix of methods – the live training is over Zoom, as is the group coaching. You have videos for pre-module preparation, and podcasts to cement understanding.
  • Apply what they’re learning, directly – the training is experiential. People apply what they have covered in each module directly to your team or with your customers.
  • 19 years of training expertise– you learn the best of our two decades of developing people across the world and from diverse markets. We’ve put the prime principles, methods and approaches into your open programmes.​
  • Geography is no longer a challenge. You can develop people from any office and any country in the world. You can give people a shared experience.
  • ROI – in nearly every case you require a single order to get your investment back. As far as your managers ae concerned, they get the 10X factor. A manager with a team of ten gaining one extra sale each, returns the investment tenfold.

How Much Is This Course?

Places are limited to 10 per programme and cost £497 plus VAT per person.

To book your place please get in touch by emailing or calling 01580 720377


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"I have enjoyed this course more than I have other training sessions as it has been virtual. This was a really great way for me to take away key points from each session, digest them in my own time and also over the course of the 5 weeks really start implementing them into my role. It gave me more confidence to do this knowing that we would expand further with each module we completed." 

Donna Pettigrew Mid Counties Co-Operative

"We thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Some of the most valuable elements of the course were the breakout sessions.

The theory that sits behind the course content is valuable and it was good that we were referred to the creators of such processes and ideas.

A most sincere thank you for making the course so much fun and so engaging – the trainers captured our imaginations far more than many other similar courses I have attended. They knew instinctively when to cut the ‘chat’ and ‘jokes’ as sometimes these can run on too long – people have a habit of being polite. They did a great job.

Thank you to all the team at Reality Training." 

Mark Ryder and Mark Wheeler, NFU Aylesbury

"I like the way Bob & Jeremy question you to get you speaking more and draw on your own thoughts and ideas. I really enjoyed how everything we've done over the 5 weeks tied into the final module. Watching coaching on goal setting was great.

When I first saw the schedule and the work that was involved I was quite daunted by it and thought it would take up a lot of my time outside of work, however the fact that the tasks were all to do with your day to day role was brilliant and effective.

I liked that you could implement them straight away to benefit your role and it didn’t take up time either during the working day or outside of it. A brilliant course." 

Vicki Bramley, Kuoni

"I really wasn’t sure if I would get anything out of the course, but Bob and Jeremy have left me begging for more.

I found myself referring back to tips from the sessions and really enjoyed it so thank you very much indeed for this opportunity."  

Vicki Pichart Mid Counties Co-Operative

"Loving the round up podcasts a fantastic way to recap and highlight key topic areas.>

I really love how Bobby and Jeremy work together. So many great ideas to takeaway and work on.

It was a fantastic course, very well presented the breakout sessions worked really well and have helped me make connections in the future something I never expected to take from the course. I have also really enjoyed following you on social media and listening to some of your short podcasts." 

Mark Schmidt, Tradewind Voyages

"I found the training gave me ideas on how to better structure my day and workload.. I liked the format of the training and going into break out rooms to discuss with smaller groups sharing our ideas and thoughts.

It was enjoyable and there are some good things learnt which I am already putting into use day to day."

 Andrew Gallagher, Explore

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