Frontline Management – Part 2 - Coaching for Success

By Bob Morrell on December 3, 2020

When working with managers, one of the most common reaction to coaching is; ‘I never have time’.

Other priorities take precedence over actually working to improve your team and their skills. Most of those priorities are administrative and do nothing to increase the performance of a team.

What if coaching someone meant that they changed a habitual behavior they weren’t even aware of? And what if this change meant that your customers’ feedback, regardless of the outcome of the conversation, was always outstanding? What would that mean for your reputation – your company’s integrity? What if you had a culture where your people at all levels, were aware of how to coach to get the very best from each interaction, and from each other?

This 5-week course, using only 2 hours every week, focuses in on having more direct, difficult and positive performance related coaching conversations that will deliver that step change you need, and also have a direct impact on results.

NOTE it is not essential to have completed Frontline Management Part 1, but it helps! Every week you have a brief, pre training task, 90 minutes of Zoom training, and a 30 minute group coaching session, supported by short films and podcasts.

This is a great value way to transform your teams, improving the performance of the managers – who will in turn prioritise improving their team’s performance.

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