Executive Coaching from Reality Training

Through times of uncertainty as a business leader you will be questioning your own abilities, capabilities and decisions. 
Executive Coaching is a recognised change programme that focuses on the individual by asking the right questions to help you create and implement important decisions. 

Accredited and trained, Reality Training's Directors Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake are both Executive Coaching Practitioners. Studying with the Academy of Executive Coaches has given them expertise in the most effective coaching techniques and practices. We have a stable of high level coaches who are also able to become your additional support. 

Three Routes to Coaching: 

1. Senior Executive
As someone in a Senior role you have responsibility for people, profit and direction. As part of your development needs your Coach will work directly with you to help focus on your agenda, and your skills, knowledge and ideas. This will help you achieve what you need for yourself and your organisation. Funded personally, or through your company, these will be 6-8 session interventions. 

2. Senior and Middle Managers
Usually sponsored by a company, these managers have key responsibility for teams and departments, maybe an entire division. Their Coach will understand the company's objectives in the kick-off meeting and work with the Manager to align these with those of the individual. Using challenging and creative techniques these sessions work towards outcomes and create lasting change. These are 6-8 session inteventions. 

3. Transformation to Leadership
Aimed at the Executive Boards and Senior Managers of large organisations, this is a team programme. An initial day of discussion and assessment allocates each individual a coach and they are coached over 6 sessions. The team then reconvenes to share experiences and then agree a way forward where the culture of regular coaching becomes an internally managed way forward for all concerned. 

What is Coaching? 
Consultancy solves a problem for you through knowledge, experience and research. 
Mentoring offers guidance and advice based on specific, relevant experience. 

Coaching asks the right questions to help you create positive outcomes, and offers relevant advice where appropriate. 

Common Benefits: 
Clarity from regular, focused conversations. 
Being listened to by someone who has your best interests in mind.
Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself. 
Having someone from outside to explore options with. 
Creating an action plan that suits your life with the support and assistance of someone who believes in your potential. 

The Value of Executive Coaching 
The majority of external management development programmes are 1 and 2 day sessions with some embedding. In this instance you are working for 6-8 sessions over 3 months on your key objectives. Ths means that for a great investment of £2750 - £7250 you are getting one-to-one development and helping your business to fourish at the same time. 

Free Trial 
You have nothing to lose by booking a free kick-off session (company) or a free goal setting session (individual). We also offer free trial sessions in conjunction with events we're attending. Contact Ann Harris ann@realitytraining.com to book your first session. 


Before I head off on my maternity leave and start the next exciting chapter of life, I just wanted to say thank you for your coaching and guidance over the last few months. You’ve provided me with invaluable insights into how to manage people better, how to prepare for being away for so long and how to work with my colleagues to build their skills.

Your sharing of the “monkeys” insight was enlightening and I found it incredibly helpful when trying to work out how to make people more self-sufficient to prepare them for my absence and how to share the workload and stop being a blocker to their growth. 

You gave me the confidence to politely stop doing the work for others, with the ideas of “what are your thoughts on this so far?”, “have you tried asking..” and “where can I add value here?” with the added guidance of thinking about why they might be asking me. I always used to think it was laziness, but having thought about what they might be missing: knowledge, skill or attitude, it’s much easier to help them along their own journey and give them the confidence to do it themselves.

Finally your mentorship around my departure plan has been so constructive, from the 10 week timeline, to even the simplest comment of “why are you doing that? Let them do it” (to actually allow people to take responsibility for the work I’m asking them to do) and your reflection on sharing out tasks with pre-suasion, dividing the role between the most suited people and asking them how they find it best to learn. It’s all helped me feel supported, organised and comfortable and ready to leave.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and can’t thank you enough for your support through this time. I’m sure the others will find your work together just as constructive and hope we can continue to work together when I return next year. 

Heather Frost, Hagerty


If I’m being honest before starting the sessions I honestly didn’t think i would have the time to place these into my already busy day. I am so glad that I opened up my mind to these. From the first session with Jeremy I was engaged from the get go. I met Jeremy in the airport around 8 weeks before and straight away he remembered this and asked how my holiday was. I was blown away that he remembered not only myself but my husband and this demonstrated that he genuinely cared for people.

In all of my sessions I have gone away with new methods to try that enhances my role in and out of work, and I have learned something about myself and how i impact others every time.Jeremy has been very honest with me which has allowed me to understand myself more. I always felt that he listened to me and I could be open and honest with him.

Would I recommend these to others? Yes! I feel I got caught up in a really busy enjoinment that I stopped learning about myself and these sessions pulled me back into that world, thank you! 

Tracy Halliday, Sky


I have received coaching from Jeremy over the last month. I had never had a coaching session before the sessions started so I didn’t know what to expect or what I was hoping to achieve. Jeremy is easy to get along with and is great at making you feel relaxed. As part of the sessions we discussed types of listening, putting together a plan, and building confidence. I have found the sessions really beneficial on a professional and personal level and I would highly recommend.  

Sarah Shearman, Make-a-Wish


Jeremy and Reality delivered an amazingly successful and well regarding training programme for our Retention contact centre advisors at Sky. On the back of that work Jeremy worked with me individually in a coaching and mentoring capacity. It was great to have time in each week with Jeremy, to bounce ideas off, clarify thinking and most importantly recognise how important it is to block some time out each week for some thinking and reflection time. If you are looking for an impartial coach to help with your personal development or work through a specific challenge I would thoroughly recommend Jeremy. 

Andrew Smith, Sky