Empowering Contact Centre Advisors: I is for Integrity

By Jeremy Blake on July 31, 2023

Whether you’re a frontline advisor or a seasoned director, embracing integrity in your contact centre is key to enhancing collaboration and boosting staff engagement. Here’s why:

Understanding the D-R-I-V-E-S Model

Before we explore integrity, let’s revisit our DRIVES model – a framework that will help to transform your contact centre’s success. Comprising 6 essential factors DRIVES empowers teams to achieve their full potential:

  • D – Discretion: Enabling your team’s decision-making
  • R – Roles: Helping people reach their potential through strengths and values
  • I – Integrity: Building your collaborative contact centre
  • V – Vision: Leading your contact centre to excellence
  • E – Environment: Nurturing a flourishing workplace
  • S – Self-worth: Empowering your people

Integrity: The Heart of Collaborative Success

Integrity is more than a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of every thriving organisation, especially in contact centres. Maintaining consistency and trustworthiness in customer interactions is crucial for building a strong reputation and fostering collaboration among team members.

The Role of Language in Integrity

Language plays a significant role in contact centres when it comes to upholding integrity. While most language is positive and empowering, some habitual phrases can erode integrity from conversations. As leaders, it’s essential to identify and address these language patterns to maintain the integrity of your contact centre’s values.

Building Trust through Integrity

Integrity is all about trust – trust in your team, trust in your brand, and trust in the products or services you offer. Customers and colleagues alike are more likely to trust individuals and organisations that prioritise integrity in their actions and decision-making processes. Trust is the foundation for lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Aligning Integrity with Vision & Coaching

For integrity to thrive in your contact centre, it must align with your vision and coaching efforts. It’s important to have open discussions with your team about the level of integrity expected and how it ties into the larger vision of the organisation. By incorporating integrity into your coaching approach, you empower your team to become self-directed and uphold the values of your brand.

Integrity as a Benchmark for Success

Integrity serves as a benchmark for evaluating your contact centre’s plans and ideas. When everyone agrees on a common level of integrity, it becomes the standard by which all decisions and actions are measured. This alignment ensures a cohesive approach that leads to sustainable growth and success.

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