Our process

Our training events are full of demonstration, information, and ideas on how to improve your customer and colleague interaction. Our embedding process ensures that our support continues when you return to the workplace, implementing the principles, methods and models. 

This allows for you to get the hang of each step on its own, with great improvements from the beginning, and to build up your new skills. 

Break old habits

It takes time to break down old habits and replace them with new ones. Our follow up work enables you to focus on elements of your bespoke model every 1-2 weeks, and we'll typically work more intensively with the clients over the first 90 to 120 days.

This is the typical period of time needed to be able to break down old habits and establish new ones. We’ll be on hand and on site working to bring everyone up to speed. There will be plenty of materials to help you after the event too, such as eBooks, webinars, and blogs. Something for everyone.