The Early Days of Reality

By Bob Morrell on May 28, 2020

In 2003-4 we were a fledgling business and had several revenue streams.

One of these was to act as marketing consultants for many small businesses.  We had a portfolio of different clients and had many meetings with some unusual start-ups. We worked with beauty salons, letting agents, restaurants, shops, and online businesses.  I remember one meeting we had that was hilarious.

We travelled to the outskirts of a central England city and entered the office, in the back garden, of an online underwear company.  And not just any old underwear – this was a fetish-wear emporium!

As professionals we pushed to the back of our minds the actual products on sale and set ourselves to the task in hand – how to generate traffic for this brand and sell some of their gear.  In those days we used a sales structure that we still train – Reality Win.

Part of that structure is asking questions about the business we’re talking too.  Imagine the response in this meeting to questions about:  What is the market like at the moment for fetish wear?  Who are your best buyers?  What are they buying? What are they doing with it?  How much are they spending?  What are the most profitable lines, leather, or rubber?  How often do they buy this gear? How do you send it to them?  Who are you up against – competitor wise?  Where do you want to be in a year’s time?

All of these had the potential to conjure up all types of thoughts and I’m sorry to say, we struggled not to crack up! We didn’t end up working for them, for various reasons and I’m sorry to say that this particular business did not survive the credit crunch.

This was not our only brush with businesses of this type – and indeed, one day our story of the restaurants will emerge, but until then, I hope you are enjoying half-term and please feel free to answer any of the questions above, if you can!