Don’t Watch the News

By Jeremy Blake on October 8, 2020

This is the name of a chapter in The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business.

Over the coming weeks and months Bob and I are going to be giving you excerpts from it to celebrate the new audio book version just launched on Audible.

Bob and I believed that one of society’s problems is we have become news junkies. We see the news in the morning on TV or may hear it every hour at work on the radio, see it on our phone, in social media, even read it in one or two newspapers, then we get home and watch the evening news, the late evening news and sometimes watch documentaries about stories we have seen – on the news.

Does this news actually help you grow your business? Everyone is well aware, believe it or not, that the world is constantly on the brink of recession. We were warned a long way in advance, and we have had every single movement towards that day reported and analysed.

Try a day without the news. It’s pretty much impossible – and in recent months with protests, votes, marches, demonstrations and continuing elections. In our book ‘The B***** Manager’ we suggest several ways to capitalise on the situation our economy is in. I don’t listen to the news for gossip, or entertainment. I’m looking for indicators and I suppose, amongst all the bad, I want some good news too, please.

If you don’t get good news, go and make some yourself. You may have a smaller audience but making the headlines at work for the right reasons is a great thing to aim for.
This is taken from our new audio book The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business now on Audible.