Don’t Start a Recession in your Circle

By Jeremy Blake on November 3, 2020

To celebrate the release of our first book on the Audible platform, we are taking parts of The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business and sharing excerpts and ideas with you.

One of the ways to drive your business is to not start a recession in your circle. Here’s a short real story of how a talented person I know has gone about helping his client reduce their costs.

When asked to reduce his client’s yearly logistics bill from seven million pounds to six million pounds. He met the company’s logistics partner and took an alternative approach. He asked them what they could do to reduce their costs and any ideas they had to save time and hassle. Immediately the logistics partner said that they were required to deliver to depots at 7.00am and often had to wait around till 7.30am. Could they make it 7.45am across Europe? “Done” said my friend. “What else do you want to change?”. The logistics partner explained that the reporting was convoluted, and they wanted to switch to their method that was digital and more reliable. ”Done, and what will your new charge be back to my client?”. The bill was reduced by £432,000. One flight, one conversation with the right person but looking at things from their perspective, not yours. So, he hasn’t reached the full million yet in savings – but that’s a pretty good start.

Broadening this to your entire circle of influence, if you wake up one morning and decide the whole world has gone to hell in a hand cart, our chapter ‘if you’ve got good credit’ helps you avoid irreparably damaging all manner of business relationships.
Firstly, with your colleagues, bringing them down with dire predictions and depressive sighs.
Secondly, with your suppliers, making them feel resentful, worthless, and terrified for the future.
Then with your clients making them wonder why they buy from you and considering which of your competitors are the least biggest misery guts they can switch to!

Want more hop, skip… jump to Audible and type in The Perfect Storm, 30 ways to Drive your Business, read by Jo Bourne and Jeremy Blake.