Don’t make the decision for the customer. The only sales tip you need this year to enable improved sales performance in 2022

By Jeremy Blake on January 27, 2022

Nearly every business has a range of products and services for their customers and clients and yet salespeople seem to live in bronze package land.

Now there is lots of reasons for why salespeople recommend lower priced offerings, socio-economics playing a role in that they wouldn’t buy it. That they think it’s expensive. Add in the fact that they’re not the demographic; and this becomes really hard, especially when you’re selling something for thousands of pounds and your sellers would never spend thousands of pounds on that product or service.

Some can’t even say the number, the figure out loud! This becomes increasingly difficult for employers paying people minimum wage and expecting them to sell things to new and existing customers, because those people on minimum wage are not in the market to spend that sum or at least not all of them are. Yes of course some of them are this is not a social political post and yet at the same time it is!

You have to spend time helping people to understand that it is not their money, and it is not their decision. You’re not employing financial advisors to sell your products and services, you are employing salespeople, at least you should be. If you keep calling them customer service people then look at why the average value order stays at the level it does; unless they’re exemplary they are selling, your salespeople are engaged to be winning new and retaining and growing customers.  And yet each and every single day many of them are engaged in either taking the decision away from the customer, or as Bob and I will put forward in a new book coming soon, Disloyally Bonding with expressions such as, “that is one of our expensive ones.”

Here's another: “Yes, oh gosh that is pricey isn’t it!”. You have to work on the fact that the demographic you’re selling to is not always necessarily the people you employ.  Some years ago when we had our first business which was a marketing agency, we were helping a small chain of beauty salons who specialised in bringing over recent graduates from Lyon to work in the owner’s French beauty salons.  These young women couldn’t believe the prices that were being charged for the services they offered so we had an idea.

We brought in some customers and interviewed them with our beauty therapists present.
I remember well a nurse saying, “I work long shifts and this is how I treat myself; I like to spend the larger part of my money on me looking fabulous and feeling fabulous.”

“Fair dos” said the therapists, your ex-English language teacher unable to resist teaching them fun and idiomatic English.

Another woman said. “I left school at 18 I could’ve gone to Uni, but I was so excited to start my own business that I did. I’m very fortunate now that I pay myself £175,000 a year and I married someone who has their own business too, so our combined household income is over £300,000, so when you’re charging me £45 for a service it really is something that I can afford. As you young women offer such a terrific service I’m very happy to keep coming back.”

Well of course the young ladies’ jaws dropped because many of them didn’t necessarily have parents or relatives or friends who were like either of those demographics/customer types. With the addition of sales training, business grew quickly.

What can you do with that true story? Close your eyes a moment, imagine a business with salespeople not taking decisions away from customers. How much difference would that make?

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