Does Your Contact Centre Have a Vision?

By Bob Morrell on August 11, 2023

What are you working towards?

If you’re an advisor, then what does your work do to move towards a vision of success? Do you know what that is? If you’re a manager, do you know how your success in managing your team adds to the success of the entire contact centre? If you were to sit down everyone in your contact centre and ask them to explain what the vision of success is – could they? 

The contact centre must have its own, large vision of success. Each department should have theirs, and each team theirs. What about the individual? Do they have their vision of success? Beyond targets? Coaching allows you to help your people to create their own visions of success and help them to work towards it. 

Leadership requires a vision. And the ability to inspire people with it. What is it people are working to achieve? Is it all about profit? Is it all about money? Or essentially, is it actually a combination of factors that creates a vision of success? If you can define that, and explain it, and enthuse your people about this vision, then they will want to move towards it.

Life without an objective is tough, especially when working.

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