The Death Of Late Space – Your Guide to Success in Media (2nd Edition)

Product Description

We have spent the last nine months researching, editing and expanding our book, so that we can give the industry a much needed boost of knowledge and skills for less than a tenner. We’ve added new chapters on Digital Media, Social Media and we put forward our theory of how media must adapt to survive and grow through the next ten years in the section titled Lean Media.

Just some of the new ideas & strategies :
Decide which of your competitors you can win market share from – Page 8.
The easy way to strengthen supplier relationships – Page 13.
Ensure you keep your best people – Page 19.
Top 10 characteristics of a badly run business – How do you fare? – Page 26.
Red Hot discount strategies – Page 35.
Win back previous customers – Page 42.
How giving customers ideas can pay dividends – Page 46.
10 ways to develop better customer service – Page 48.
How to show Return on Investment & Affordability – Page 50.
Effective ways to market online – Page 65.
Develop a better attitude – Page 69.

Each chapter introduces the strategy, explains it, and gives you examples of how it works in practice. We ask you questions so you consider what actions to take to personalise the principle so it works best for you. This E-Book will interest anyone who is open to change. It is a guide that will act as a catalyst towards adapting and creating winning strategies that suit your organisation. What all businesses need are executives with fresh minds and up to date knowledge, who understand the challenges we face and what needs to be done. This recession means opportunity for all who are prepared to plan powerful strategies and execute them (while many others do nothing and hope the storm will pass). You will enjoy a return of investment of at least 100 times the cost of this book, and more likely many hundreds of times during your ownership of the Death of Late Space. A pretty good ROI?! A flipping amazing IOI, increase on investment.

In this entertaining and fast paced book, you will discover:
1.The history of selling
2. The psychology of buying
3. How to sell to different types of people
4. The Reality Sales Structure
5. Foolproof negotiation system
6. Digital media sales
7. Dealing with agencies
8. How to sell ideas
9. How to use social media
10. Media sales management

Praise for The Death of Late Space, Your Guide to Success in Media Sales.

“Excellent little book.”
Neil Thackray, Former CEO Nexus, Quadrant, Industry Standard Europe

“Flows, much like the perfect sales pitch. If you work in media sales you should read this book.”
Andy Laycock, Former Head of Training, United Business Media

“The content is relevant, up-to-date and inspirational.”
Joanna Parlby Joint MD, Newark Advertiser

This book comes with a cast iron guarantee, if you feel it has offered you no value, we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked. So what are you waiting for?

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