Customer Service Staff and their Annual Aural Torture!!

By Bob Morrell on December 21, 2017

Wandering around the Arndale Centre in Manchester, in early December, I became more and more concerned for the sanity of some of the retail colleagues I saw doing their jobs. Not only were they efficiently and happily dealing with customers but they were also having to do this work against the backdrop of one of the most terrifying tortures ever inflicted. Christmas piped music. There is a limit to the number of times you can hear the same 10 songs looped one after the other. Roy Wood, Noddy Holder, Chris Rea, Wham, Band Aid, Maria Carey – you get the picture.

The first time you hear one you think – that’s a bit early – then you hear them all, more and more in every shop, café or department store. At least as a customer you can leave – the poor staff have it all day – imagine 8 hours of that – every day!!!

Is there a study that proves seasonal music sells more merchandise? If so, Noddy Holder must ask for a percentage!

The jury is out on what music, if any, should be played – in pubs some do and some don’t. It’s actually a blessed relief to walk into a quiet store at Christmas. I went in to a Bond Street jeweller a day later – it was busy, beautiful and quiet – but I still felt very Christmassy!

I think there should be some rules – a date when it is an offence to publicly play a Christmas tune – and a date when you can begin – something like the 20th December? Bah Humbug!!!!!

Wishing all of our subscribers, customers and friends a very Happy Christmas and a positive New Year.