The Customer Experience Check

By Jeremy Blake on July 20, 2017

As I type, someone is putting up a mystery shop results sheet on a staff noticeboard in a contact centre in Manchester, or Mumbai.
In the staff room of a retailer in South Devon or South Dakota the latest results of their regional mystery shop are being pinned to the communication board.

Someone is waiting for a colleague to call out what they haven’t done, and perhaps praising the story of Carl, who helped a customer get their heavy bags into their car.

Many mystery shop exercises tell organisations what they are missing and forgetting, and some firms are in the habit of expecting the report to change behaviour.

They hope that by posting the results, people will remember not to point to an aisle but to take a customer to the product, or be reminded of the impact of their negative tone when speaking to a customer.

The report, the sheet, the plus points and minus points are not the magic that changes human behaviour, these reports leave in the mystery, as so often the company that does the mystery shop is wholly disconnected from your sales and service process!

My mother-in-law Angela is frequently approached and asked if she wants to stay in hotels for mystery shopping purposes.

She would indeed be able to carry out all of the tasks that she might be asked to score, but would she be trained by the hotel in the sales and service process of the hotel group? How can we expect Angela to note and comment on the sales and service models and methods?

Many providers claim they are able to get the desired demographic to mystery shop the brand. They indeed manage this for the retired and lower socio-economic customers and students, but finding all demographics with the full range of incomes and business titles is quite another, and that’s where using trainers and actors ensures you don’t have to find them.

When those trainers are then fully trained in the strategy, sales, service and management models of the brand being customer experience checked – then you really have covered all your bases.

You may not like all of what you hear back from Reality Training, but you will know far more and as you’re working with a training firm, and you’ll be thoroughly advised on what to do to change behaviour and results.

Take 13 minutes out of your week to find out why a Reality Training Customer Experience Check will be valuable for your organisation.

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