The Contact Centre Working Environment

By Bob Morrell on August 25, 2023

If we’re not careful, our contact centre could become another version of a factory where people show up, deliver the work and leave again, without energy, or commitment. That is not a healthy environment.

  • Do your people understand how what they do relates to everything else the company does?
  • Do they understand how important it is?
  • What are your desks like? The IT and phone system?
  • What are the catering facilities, the rest areas like?
  • What’s the support of your advisors and managers like?
  • How positive can you make your contact centre?
  • How can you use policies and initiatives to induct staff in such a way that they are delivering effective services as quickly as possible?
  • How can you maintain morale and make sure communication and ideas are free flowing through the contact centre? 

Additionally, these days many of your people will work from home, and this creates several challenges which we must all face in order to make sure that the most positive working environment flourishes within those in the office and with those team members who are working from home but who are still contributing to the productivity of our work.

It’s a huge challenge to managers to maintain the environment that will deliver the results required whilst maintaining a content and motivated workforce. What are the best environments you’ve worked within? Was it the people, the facilities, the connections, the attention to your needs as a human as well as a worker, that are appreciated?

All of these are essential to creating a modern, motivational effective contact centre!

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