Closing the Customer Experience Gap 

By Bob Morrell on January 30, 2023

In any contact centre, there is a real objective to make sure that the gap between what you want the customer to experience and what they actually undergo is a worthwhile gap to close and improve. It’s about their expectation and what they receive.

Here are 3 ways to close that gap:

  1. Inconsistency – if you have an element of control in place but also varied conversation types then the strive for consistency will do much to fill the gap for customers. Autonomy for advisors is a great way to improve consistency. If they have to refer to managers, then this ruins the customer’s experience. 
  2. Numbers and behaviours – discussing a number doesn’t mean it will be reached. Historical focus on numbers affects very little. It’s the behaviours that your team engage in which will do more to hit the target than anything else. 
  3. Targets – they are, in the end, an educated guess. Targeting affects human behaviour more than anything else. We should focus on conversations first. Conversations about customers will be more useful than conversations about targets. Plus, a good salesperson will never want to go way over a target. This means customers’ experiences will change depending on when they speak to someone and where they are in relation to that set target. 

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