Call Centres - Which Outsourced Locations Work Best?

By Bob Morrell on July 25, 2017

We spoke to a gentleman recently, whom we had worked with in India a few years ago. We trained over 200 people in Delhi, which was an amazing experience. The trip was essential for us as a company to form our best content for the call centre market and also to understand the importance of that marketplace.

Catching up with him, he let us know that the ‘Voice’ element that we had trained, had been moved entirely to the Philippines. The reason is that the majority of that brand’s calls come from the United States, and the call centre staff in the Philippines all spoke English with an American accent, so it was more effective for them to take those calls and deliver that service.

This made us consider which are the best locations for outsourced service? We know other, UK brands, who utilise call centres in places like Costa Rica and Nicaragua where, again, the American accent is used. In India, the English that they learn is grammatically perfect, however, sometimes it’s too perfect for some markets. For detailed work like emails and Live Chat this is great because the written word needs to be written as correctly and as clearly as possible.

He also gave us an insight into China where he had worked. There he experienced training people who knew the words in English when they heard them, but needed them to be translated, as they went along. When it came to presenting back the understanding of the training, rather than talk or demonstrate, because of the language barrier, they drew charts and diagrams to show they understood.

We also remembered our work in the US where we had to contend with numerous accents, current turns-of-phrase and new words that have crept into modern parlance.

This practice of outsourcing service means that wherever possible, the ‘voice’ is more effective when it suits the market. We’re certain that a US accent delivering service to UK ears will still be a relatively unusual sound.

Lastly, for web chat, apart from native speakers, the quality of English used with the understanding and vocabulary of those in India, is tough to beat.