Business Closure – The Personal Cost.

By Bob Morrell on September 23, 2019

Recently, a large business I know folded, placing thousands out of a job. When this happens – which sadly is quite often these days, the financial cost is one thing, and the emotional cost is as important. So many of us give everything to our work and to have this suddenly ripped away is heart-breaking. We love our colleagues and our company - because we believe in what it is trying to do. Suddenly it's gone.

In my career, I once worked for a new, innovative, high paying brand, in a team of hand-picked professionals. Truly a dream team. Then one day the plug was pulled - without warning, and it was all over. This loss took me months to get over. I went for interviews for new jobs, almost believing I still had the previous one - that it was going to suddenly re-emerge. The truth was I hadn't really closed that window in my mind, it was a small but significant grief, that I hadn't actually moved on from.

Executive Coaching deals with this type of situation all the time. Either enforced career change, or expected - the emotions are similar. The coaching conversation can ground you more quickly and get your mind thinking further ahead with greater clarity.

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