Better Managers or Better Salespeople – which do you want and need? Three Questions that start with Who

By Jeremy Blake on November 6, 2020

If you had to make a choice between having better managers or better salespeople which would you choose?

It’s a good debate to have, but it is also a choice you don’t have to make. You can have both.

The first lockdown which came into effect on the 23rd March, led us to develop a way to help companies still buy training. We developed three 5 week Open Programmes.
All over Zoom and supported with videos, podcasts and coaching, all for hundreds of pounds not thousands.

You can’t have any Reality trainer in your building, chosen hotel or conference centre, but you can still have us in your life, in your eyes and ears and in full and ‘glorious technicolour’. You can also have other people and learn huge amounts from the other trainees.

If you are a MAN – a person with the access to a small amount of Money, you have the Authority to invest small sums and you have the Need for people to be developed, I have three questions for you?

  1. Which two of my sales managers or frontline managers could really do with being upskilled in long term sales strategy, remote team management, delivering sales meetings, positive ways to persuade and more?
  2. Which other two frontline managers or sales managers could take huge advantage of learning how to performance coach salespeople, coach disloyal bonding, understand the difference between coaching versus having difficult conversations, and be able to have those conversations well?
  3. Which two of my salespeople need to learn a proactive proven method of selling, enabling them to begin all communication effectively, become a powerful questioner & listener, sell your product or service verbally or in writing, handle objections and negotiate, close the sale, and learn how to programme referrals & repeat business…?

Have you got six names?

On 11th January your next How to Sell Right Now begins.

On 8th January your next Frontline Management Part 2 kicks off.

On 26th February your next Frontline Management Part 1 starts.

Here’s what people are saying about Frontline Management:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Some of the most valuable elements of the course were the breakout sessions.

The theory that sits behind the course content is valuable and it was good that we were referred to the creators of such processes and ideas.

A most sincere thank you for making the course so much fun and so engaging – the trainers captured our imaginations far more than many other similar courses I have attended. They knew instinctively when to cut the ‘chat’ and ‘jokes’ as sometimes these can run on too long – people have a habit of being polite. They did a great job.”

Thank you to all the team at Reality Training. Mark Ryder and Mark Wheeler, NFU Aylesbury

“It was very good. Well planned and well delivered, a very smoothly and well organised course that will help me going forward in my business. Bobby and Jeremy have a fantastic knowledge and formula and have brought the subject of management, training and coaching alive in delivering this knowledge.” Jamie Orpwood, Faccenda

And what the impact How to Sell Right Now has had on them:

“I think it’s hard to improve on the delivery or content and learning to be more efficient. It’s also great to share ideas with the group to see how different people do different things, and the various outcomes they work towards. The dynamic of the delivery, short, sharp sessions. Not much waffling from the presenters. We get in, get on and crack on, great! Jason Barrett, Bedlam Brewery

“I found the training very eye-opening. It has been a while since I did any real sales training, and I didn’t realise how far from the tracks I have veered until I went through the training

The trainers have a way of bringing training to the 'real world' of sales .... it is so natural and not forced - they allow you to think and adapt to your own way of selling, making you feel more confident.

I would highly recommend everyone have this. It has made a real difference to my technic and confidence - especially in these times where everything seems a struggle.

Thank you, - your humour goes a long way too!” Elisha Treserden, Your Personal Travel Agent

Get in touch, let’s talk about this opportunity. We have early birds and offers too. Call me on 01580 720 377 or ask to set up a Zoom conversation, there’s no charge to talk, have your questions answered and make an informed decision.

I look forward to hearing from you.