Are you working for ‘The Larger Hope’?

By Bob Morrell on May 14, 2020

This term was originally created by Tennyson the poet, in relation to the greater hopes of humanity.

It was later used by Winston Churchill both in his writing and in speeches.

He first used it when describing life, stranded for a week in the desert, where all there was to drink was old water, tea and scotch whiskey. He said, ‘I grasped the larger hope, did not give in to temptation, and I’m glad to say that in 5 days I completely conquered my previous hatred of whiskey.’

He then used it many years later, in a speech, of all things, in praise of the EU! He said that such an institution could work in comradeship for ‘the larger hope, and deal with some of the biggest problems of humanity’.

I think it’s right to use now because as we plan ahead, and work out how we’re going to live, work and grow in a time of immense change, perhaps to always consider what is ‘the larger hope’ may help us. Are the actions we demonstrate contributing towards the ‘larger hope’? Or are they working against it?

And as a company, and as individuals, what is our ‘larger hope’? Beyond what we are doing, day to day. Do we see something bigger and more important, ahead?

My hope is that the current rush back to work, is not too soon, and that enough is being done to avoid a second spike of the virus. I also have a ‘larger hope’ that those I know who are having very tough times, may come through them, and emerge into a World that is ready to help them.