Are you really a B-B Sales Pro, or just in B-B Sales?

By Jeremy Blake on May 13, 2021

ringDNA, a fast-growing software co. that helps B-B reps, and the firm that sponsors Andy Paul’s Sales Enablement Podcast, released research saying most salespeople in B-B don’t get training before the age of 42.

Staggering? Or as you’re reading this you’re thinking “I’m 62 and haven’t had proper training ever!”

Unless you work for a FTSE 1000 company, you may have had a short induction and received Point and Push development. “Over there, off you go.”

When I was looking at becoming a national account manager in the 90s I asked a seasoned pro (well a person who I hoped was a seasoned pro), some questions.

He offered, “you just follow your nose.” Hmm, helpful. He’d had no training and was just doing the milk round for a big firm with no vigour or vim, I declined the interview.

You often become like the people you surround yourself with, and I didn’t want to become like him.

If you are responsible for Business-to-Business salespeople and either can’t afford or get sign off for bespoke sales training, then we have something for your people.

If you’re reading this and would love to take your skills and abilities to the next level, this course is a small and worthwhile investment in yourself, which will pay dividends in the future.

Bob Morrell and I are bringing you a new open programme The B2B Professional which launches on Friday 11th June, with a meet your fellow delegates session, followed by 5 weeks of live Zoom, 90 minute sessions on a Monday and 30 minute group coaching sessions on Fridays to round off the week.

You’ll also get 5 episodes of bespoke Podcasts to help embed your learning.

All this for £775 per person, with an early bird offer of £597 when you book before the 4th June.

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:
Research and planning re discovered, get ahead before you have your foot in the door or your head and shoulders in their Zoom frame.

Opening is the new closing.  What you do in the first five minutes can mean you get an account for five years.

You think you can ask questions? Get the depth of understanding you need to ask questions that get inside a prospect’s mind and make them want your advice.

Winning new business is a long game and it starts with short, daily and weekly habits that don’t take time, just discipline and a little energy.

Retaining and growing accounts requires an empathy and depth of relationship you can reach once you learn the core habits to shift you from being a supplier to a critical friend.

You say – “Send me the spec!”

Want the webpage details and dates and fuller breakdown?

Email and as soon as we publish it, I’ll email you directly.

P.S If this is for you? Great. For your people? They’ll repay you with revenue and heathier habits.

Recognise this might help your friend or your second cousin, I thank you for forwarding this to them.