Advantage Cruise Champions Conference

By Bob Morrell on November 17, 2017

Another conference recently was the Advantage Cruise Champions Conference on the P&O Ventura in Southampton. This is a great event where each attendee gets some earning and information before enjoying the product – a 2 day Cruise. What we learn at these events is the size and potential of a marketplace. Cruise is growing hugely – they can’t keep pace with demand, and countries like China have more and more people wanting to cruise. So those delegates taking all this in know that they’re in at the start of a golden period of growth where a trend becomes the norm and families choose to Cruise instead of a land holiday. 

We also learnt that regardless of how long you have been doing a job, it is never too late to learn something new. The great thing about cruise is that for first timers who are uncertain about committing to this type of holiday you can always sell them a trial – a few hundred pounds for a quick cruise up the channel or down to Spain and if they like it, they’ll come back and book 2 weeks in the Med. It’s so much easier to sell a lower cost trial when you know the reward is a higher cost booking later. We met top cruise bookers who were looking for new ways to up-sell – new ways to add other elements to the cruise and also new inductees who want to understand how to price these packages correctly. 

We showed them a demo of a typical cruise booking – customer led with a reference – and then a cruise upgrade – first timers who actually weren’t that bothered about an inside cabin and wanted the best experience. 

This is great fun for us and also for this audience, looking forward to 2 days of fun on this huge ship. 

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