The 5 Principles

Our most popular programme is The 5 Principles. We provide a bespoke training model tailored specifically to your company, taking your people through the principles to greatly improve your ability to win new customers and retain and grow your existing ones. We do this by teaching people how to work through a set of skills that gives customers certainty and enables them to be reassured and have a more engaging conversation about what they value most and where they feel they haven’t been valued. Your people will know how to make customers feel valued and deliver your services with integrity.

In double acts, trainers provide an entertaining event in which we’ll take your people through a customer interaction step by step and with your own bespoke model.  We’re not giving you a tick box script. We’re simply setting out a structure for trainees to ‘drape their personality over’ and adjust as needed. Not every customer is the same, and neither is every trainee. Reality Training is all about promoting personal human connection with every conversation be that face to face, voice, messaging or live chat; we’ll develop for you your own omni channel model. This is the only way you can have a clearly defined, and consistent approach across your business.

With a few tweaks, learning how to get rid of the poor habits of the classic ‘customer service formula’, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the standard of your communication and customer feedback. 

Within days you will start to see the changes in 4 core areas:

  1. an increase in your conversion rate.
  2. an increase in your average order value.
  3. an increase in your ability to cross-sell 
  4. an increase in your Net Promoter Score or other Customer Satisfaction metrics.