The 4-Day Week: Part Two - Does It Lock-In Talent?

By Bob Morrell on January 27, 2023

The current trend towards a four-day week could be a good retention strategy for staff. If you’re able to re-arrange your business so that Monday to Friday becomes the norm, then your top performers will love that benefit. In Belgium it is now a law that companies must offer the option of a 4-day week. 100 companies in the UK have trialled it and are carrying it on. 

The question is, if your top staff are approached by a headhunter for a new role, higher wages, etc, and the new employer cannot offer a 4-day week, then the additional money may not make much difference. In our recent Bob & Jeremy's Conflab podcast - 'The 4-Day Week' - we explore the pros and cons of this initiative. 

Here are 3 key questions: 

  1. How valuable are my top people? 
  2. Could they be productive working only 4 days per week? 
  3. Would this put them off leaving for a competitor?

This new way of working, maximising time over 4 days, will revolutionise our work and leisure time.

Look out for The 4-Day Week: Part Three - What Will You Do With Your Extra Time?