20 Reasons to Invest in an Open Programme from Reality Training

If three reasons or more resonate with you, don't procrastinate.

Join us online, it's time.

  1. Your biggest variables are your frontline managers and your salespeople. These programmes are an investment in making that variable stronger, more skilled and with new knowledge
  2. Reduce your risk. Untrained people using the wrong approaches are damaging to morale, service and profits.
  3. Blended mix of methods – the live training is over Zoom, as is the group coaching. We also use films for pre-module preparation, and podcasts to cement understanding.
  4. Apply what you’re learning, directly – the training is experiential. People apply what they have covered in each module directly to your team or with your customers.
  5. Trial – these open programmes are a perfect way for any business to test us out. Choose a handful of people or just one person before getting others take the programmes; or continue working with us in a bespoke way.
  6. 19 years of training expertise– we have taken the best parts of our two decades of developing people across the world and from diverse markets, and put the prime principles, methods and approaches into our open programmes.
  7. Years of online training delivery – for the last five years we have been embracing the technology others have only just started using. 
  8. Multi business knowledge – take from our knowledge of helping multiple markets, remove challenges and seize opportunities. At the same time learn from the mixed group who will come from a range of businesses. Going outside your frame of reference brings new insights.
  9. High Feedback - Our feedback rating using Zoom is 94.8%. From the last 400 people trained we were rated Highly Effective or Effective ; we haven’t had a single person rating us as not effective.
  10. Save hours, weeks and even months by not training people internally. Use your time or those of colleagues far more productively.
  11. Both programmes are Ready Made Induction programmes. Imagine the impact of recruiting and telling new starters they get a 5-week induction programme from external professionals?
  12. Covid compliant and designed to enable your people to be developed without needing to be face-to-face and without any travel. 
  13. Suits all learners and personalities – introverts prefer Zoom and the small group breakout rooms , and extroverts can be easily managed in a virtual environment.
  14. Model our presenting skills – learning this way enables your salespeople and managers to model our presentation skills and our delivery of language and concepts.
  15. High engagement with the little-and-often approach – our method is to run highly focussed 90-minute sessions each week with additional 30-minute coaching sessions. This keeps trainees engaged whilst at the same time immersed in a programme that runs for 5 weeks. They gain valuable online tech skills too.
  16. Comfortable environment – delegates can be at their home or in their workplace with just a laptop and good Wi-Fi, drinking their favourite brand of tea or coffee.
  17. Busy – everyone is busy. These programmes take account of that fact and fit the development around yours and your people’s busy lives. They can train while still selling and managing.
  18. Geography is no longer a challenge. You can develop people from any office and any country in the world. You can give people a shared experience. Simon from Salford can take the programme at the same time as Sophia from Sorrento.
  19. Certificates – everyone who completes a programme receives a certificate and can add the programme to their LinkedIn profile.
  20. ROI – in nearly every case you require a single order to get your investment back. As far as your managers ae concerned, they get the 10X factor.