10 Brexit Ideas for the Travel Industry

By Bob Morrell on July 13, 2016

Over the last 9 years Reality Training have worked with the majority of major travel companies. This article has been written to help all travel agents.

The decision to leave the EU has taken most of us by surprise – so let’s consider how a travel agent, selling on the phone or face to face, can positively plan for the future.

These 10 ideas will help them to help their customer’s to prepare for what the future holds.

1. Nothing will happen immediately. - The recent stock-market bounce proves that the consequences of the Brexit decision will not be decided for some time. So customers should not delay travel decisions this year, or probably next year.

2. Europe still wants us to holiday there! The EU is primarily a trade organisation. We holidayed in Europe before we were in the EU and we will holiday there way beyond leaving.

3. Flight prices will increase? Again, nothing is decided yet, and customer’s should appreciate that we have benefited from low-cost flights for years – a small increase is manageable, and not definite.

4. Holiday prices will increase? It may be that we all have to be prepared to pay a little more for holidays, in real terms customers still achieve amazing value, make sure you sell on the value, not the price.

5. Expertise is valuable. In uncertain times the expert becomes essential for reassurance – now is the time to remind your customer base of your expertise.

6. Travel Insurance is no longer a maybe. Quality travel insurance policies will reassure all those worried about the EHIC question.

7. Push the Boundaries. Looking outward to the rest of the world, this should encourage more customers to look beyond Europe to try new destinations.

8. Don’t oversell Brexit. If you voted Leave don’t feel you have to justify it to customers and if you voted Remain don’t explain how disappointed you are – look to the future because nothing can change the result.

9. Currencies always fluctuate. All travellers have bought currency at good rates and not so good. A bad day at the bureau can easily be remedied by the strengthening pound – sell your currency with confidence.

10. The travel industry is used to this! Uncertainty and challenges are daily events and the resilience of travel agents, and the way they serve their travellers, are the key qualities that will form a solid future. Share these with your colleagues – and discuss which you can use in conversation, to reassure and encourage your customers.