£1 for a Supermarket Trolley? Why?

By Bob Morrell on February 27, 2017

After a visit to my local gym I popped into my local supermarket to get some food. On arrival, because I wasn’t wearing my usual clothes, I had no change on me, to use a £1 coin to access a trolley.

I looked at my list and reckoned I would be okay using two of the large plastic baskets that were available.

As I wandered around the aisles my phone kept buzzing as my wife added new items to my list. Soon I was dragging around two massively full baskets with hugely sore arms!

Then things got worse at the checkout. I was suddenly faced with 5, heavy plastic bags full of shopping and some flowers, and I had to break my back carrying it all to the car!

During this unfortunate episode did one member of staff rush to my aid? Did they spot me struggling down the aisles and grab me a trolley? Did they offer to help me out to the car? Did they all agree that the £1 deposit for the trolley is now an absurd thing? No!

1. Who would ever consider stealing a trolley?
2. A trolley means you will clearly buy shopping more than 1 or 2 baskets? So why not proactively offer free trolleys to all?
3. The £1 deposit means I’ll definitely take the trolley back – why wouldn’t I anyway? If I wanted to sell it for more than £1 how would I do that and who would buy it?
4. Plus if I didn’t put it back, they are employing some guy in a cowboy hat to go round picking the trolleys up from the car park…
5. Surely customer service means observing the customer’s and working out how to help them?

This whole episode has made me realise that supermarkets need to be careful because right now, online delivery looks very attractive…

So here’s my top 5 tips for supermarkets:

1. Free trolleys for all.
2. Train your staff to observe unhappy shoppers.
3. Add a 3 slot bottle holder under your trolleys (triple your wine sales)
4. Free parking!
5. Help people out of the car! (guarantee’s a return visit!)