Why Wait for New Year’s Day?

By Bob Morrell on December 9, 2019

Most year’s we will wake up with a hangover on the 1st January and decide on our New Year’s Resolution. We then spend a few days failing entirely to achieve it and by the middle of January most of us have abandoned those chosen objectives.

At a recent speaking gig to an audience of senior managers, I challenged this annual ritual. Why do we wait until the 1st January? Surely the worst thing we can do is wait until we’re suffering from the excesses of the festive period, to then decide on motivational life goals.

Here we are a couple of weeks before – make your goal or resolution for next year, now.

As Executive Coaches January can be a busy time with subjects such as these: ‘Work-life balance; Promotion, New Job, Motivation, Personal Impact, Leadership, Colleague Relations, Project Management and Delivery, Under-Performance, Change Strategies?’

These areas are the most common topics, and occasionally a vague topic will then spiral back to one of these, work-life balance being the leading category.

You know how to set a smart goal – then do so. Set it now so you ‘hit the ground running’ at the beginning of January.  Zig Ziglar the late, great sales trainer, said ‘a goal, properly set, is halfway reached’.

So, there’s your challenge, consider what you want to achieve, including timelines and checking points etc. and sure enough, even before you break for Christmas you can be happy in the knowledge that you’re halfway there, already!  Plus, the assistance of a coach, towards achieving that goal, will make success ever more certain.