When you’ve achieved – what then?

By Bob Morrell on November 21, 2019

A common theme in coaching conversations is people who have achieved what they initially aimed for and are unsure of what comes next. Sometimes, they take on a high-profile role, with seemingly impossible objectives and 12 months later, they've done it! They get a pat on the back and start to wonder what else they can do. Occasionally, they suffer some guilt because their part in the success was actually minimal, and yet, they are being rewarded.

If you are a creature of habit, who has had direction over the years that has utilised your best habits, then the very idea of 'totally new' and 'outside your comfort zone' may be something you struggle with. I know several people who have had successful, varied and fulfilling careers, and suddenly find themselves staring into the void with no clarity on where they are going.

TOP TIP: If this is you, here is a question - what are your Top 3 Motivations? What are the 3 things in life that make it worth living? If none of them are work related, it doesn't matter. So, decide what are the things that motivate you - and what is it about those things that has that effect? For example, if it's your family, your friends, your colleagues, what are the details that make this the case? Define them, and then redefine until you're certain you're right about what motivates you the most. That one task alone could give you the information you need to make better decisions - to make sure that your path is decided, with these things in mind.

Ultimately, without Executive Coaching the decisions about your future will always be thoughts and options.  A coach can give guidance and structure - that essential organisation of priorities and positive decision making, is what you pay us for.