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The Death of Late Space: Your Guide to Success In Media Sales

Bob Morrell & Jeremy Blake

This is your go-to resource for essential media sales, covering the industry’s evolution and effective techniques. Learn to manage agencies, optimise sales teams, and stand out as a top media salesperson. Gain insights into digital and social media, and discover Lean Media for future growth. The second edition, with nine months of research, editing, and expansion, provides all the vital knowledge and skills for success in the industry.

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In Reality newsletter

May 2024 edition

Check out our fresh new look, discover 10 things you might not know about us, and find out about our exciting new podcast. Plus, unlock the mysteries of tipping, can you sell more with behavioural science, and challenge age-related biases. Get inspired - let's turn your vision into Reality!

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The Perfect Storm: 30 Ways to Drive Your Business

Bob Morrell & Jeremy Blake

In their first edition, written during the early 200s financial, Bob & Jeremy countered prevailing negativity with positive business responses. Now, as the UK faces another financial downturn, their insights remain profoundly relevant. This updated edition offers invaluable strategies to navigate present challenges, making it essential reading for businesses amid uncertainty.

A copy of The Brexit Manager eBook laying on a table

The Brexit Manager (or Navigating Unchartered Waters)

Bob Morrell & Jeremy Blake

Meet Alex, the Manager who is preparing to navigate the impact of Brexit on all fronts: staff, boss, customers, and suppliers. In this concise 10-chapter guide, gain strategic insights, explore implications, and find key ideas to assess how Brexit affects you and your business. Let the Brexit Manager be your compass through uncertainty, empowering you to make informed decisions amidst unpredictability.

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Sales Tracker App

Track, Improve, Succeed: The Reality Sales Tracker

Why settle for average sales performance when you can achieve excellence?

The Reality Sales Tracker is designed for you, the salesperson, to help you take your sales game to the next level. And the best part? It’s completely free on the App Store for both iOS and Android.

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