Real Managers

By Bob Morrell on January 14, 2020

I was witness to a really talented manager recently, while on a Ski holiday in France with 6 different families.

On New Year’s Eve one of the children made a foolish mistake which caused his parents to miss their New Year celebration, and added more stress to a very busy evening, for the hotel.

Thankfully all ended well, and two days later the manager called this young man to her office – he thought she was checking on his well-being – but she actually very carefully, and politely, told him off, in front of his parents, to make sure he fully understood the consequences of his foolish actions.

This confident ability to see a situation through to the very end is pretty outstanding. She made sure this person will never forget the lesson learnt, and she’s also helped the parents because this chap will certainly take better care from now on.

It’s not necessarily a confrontation – it’s saying what is right, at the right time, to the right people. Sometimes these interactions will be more difficult. The essence of management is to give direction and leadership even at times and in situations where it may not be seen as something that is needed. The good manager sees the need, and acts on it.

The staff in the hotel, all seemed to be imbued with a level of responsibility beyond what you might expect and I suspect this assertive approach is led by the Manager – the ability to communicate quickly filters over to other members of the team and questions and requests from guests are dealt with quickly and with good humour. So truly, what goes around, comes around.