Our Team


Jeremy Blake
Training Director & Executive Coach

Jeremy’s journey also began at the Oxford School of Drama, before teaching English as a Foreign Language and drama therapy in a prison setting. Transitioning into the world of sales, he went on to become a leading salesperson for a theatrical programme publisher before moving to Yellow Pages, winning national sales awards and becoming one of the top salespeople in the UK. His marketing strategies and telesales ability have significantly contributed to Reality’s success, which he co-founded with Bob in 2001. An accredited Executive Coaching Practitioner, Jeremy' was also a visiting Lecturer at Buckingham University as part of their Business Enterprise Degree programme. When he’s not transforming businesses, Jeremy can be found indulging his passions for tennis, squash, running, yoga, and horse and chicken husbandry. Jeremy is married to Tash, a Science Teacher, and they live in Buckinghamshire with their three children.

Jeremy Blake smiling at his desk