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We understand that sometimes, you might prefer reading content at your own pace. That’s why we’ve taken our most popular podcast episodes from Bob & Jeremy’s Conflab, The Reality is Sales Training, and Contact Centre Focus and transformed them into blogs so that you can access the same valuable content in a written format, with the flexibility of reading them at your convenience.

Close up of hands holding a mug of tea

Reviving the Tea Break

by Jeremy Blake

Some history
The tea break. It's important to a lot of people, and tea can be contentious!

Contact Centre Headphones

Huddles: Do’s & Don’ts

by Bob Morrell

If you work in a contact centre, then you will probably be having a regular huddle, which is very different to a cuddle! Each team comes together for a few minutes, usually in the morning, or…

Bob and Jeremy talking into a podcast microphone

Best and Worst Conference Experiences (Do’s and Don’ts) 

by Bob Morrell

If you’re given the job of organising a conference, it’s daunting. Who is going to attend? Where is it going to be? What is it going to cost? How can we pay for it?

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How Can You Improve Your Outbound Calls?

by Bob Morrell

Did you know that outbound contact centres in Britain have been around since 1985? As consumers we receive calls more often than ever, but most outbound calls are not necessarily cold calls.

Strikes and Striking

Why Do People Strike?

by Bob Morrell

In this current period, a wave of strikes has been sweeping across various professions including teachers, rail workers, postal workers, nurses, and doctors.

Raindrops on a window with the words 'People often say that motivation doesn't last'

12 Ways to Find Motivation

by Bob Morrell

‘Motivation, Motivation, Motivation – the 3Ms’ Alan Latchley

Short Term Incentives 

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Retention (or Reselling) in Contact Centres

by Bob Morrell

Retention is probably the wrong word to use to describe this activity. What we’re talking about is reselling.

A circle of retired people looking down into the camera smiling

Retirement or Reset? What Are The Options?

by Bob Morrell

In the UK, in recent times, over 1.3 million people over 50 have retired earlier than they might have done. The National Statistics make this very clear.

Smiling customer service agent

Re-Contracting for Leaders - A Short Guide

by Bob Morrell

As a manager, re-contracting with your team is one of the most important things you can do.

Clock hands moving and a busy shopping street

Snake Oil to Critical Friend: How the History of Sales Can Improve Your Future

by Bob Morrell

How do people sell things? What is the history of modern sales? What can we learn from 200 years of selling and sales structures?

Customer service agent talking to a customer

Average Handling Time (AHT)

by Jeremy Blake

‘AHT’ or Average Handling Time - the average amount of time you and your team dedicate to each call.

Smiling customer service agent

Top Tips for Contact Centres for 2023 

by Bob Morrell

In one of our recent podcasts, Ann Harris and I talked about our Top 3 strategies that Contact Centres need to focus on this year. 

They are: