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We understand that sometimes, you might prefer reading content at your own pace. That’s why we’ve taken our most popular podcast episodes from Bob & Jeremy’s Conflab, The Reality is Sales Training, and Contact Centre Focus and transformed them into blogs so that you can access the same valuable content in a written format, with the flexibility of reading them at your convenience.

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Navigating the World of Team Building: Do’s & Don’ts

by Bob Morrell

Team building events: they can be the highlight of the work calendar or dreaded affairs that everyone hopes to escape.

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The Contact Centre Working Environment

by Bob Morrell

If we’re not careful, our contact centre could become another version of a factory where people show up, deliver the work and leave again, without energy, or commitment.

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Does Your Contact Centre Have a Vision?

by Bob Morrell

What are you working towards?

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by Bob Morrell

As you rise up the ladder of your career, there comes a point when you stop contributing to the results that inform decisions and start to actually make those decisions yourself.

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Empowering Contact Centre Advisors: I is for Integrity

by Jeremy Blake

Whether you’re a frontline advisor or a seasoned director, embracing integrity in your contact centre is key to enhancing collaboration and boosting staff engagement. Here’s why:

The front cover of Mixed Signals by Uri Gneezy

Summer Reading: ‘Mixed Signals: How Incentives Really Work’ by Uri Gneezy

by Jeremy Blake

As someone who works in training and development, I know how internal departments can sometimes hinder the effectiveness of our approaches.

Photos of Jeremy and his uncle Tim Christie

Tim Christie: The Sales Guru Still Chasing Business at 80!

by Jeremy Blake

In the latest episode of ‘Bob & Jeremy’s Conflab’, Jeremy sits down with his vivacious 80-year-old uncle, Tim Christie, whose boundless energy for sales defies his age.

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Maximising Your Success at Exhibitions: Essential Tips for Exhibitors & Attendees

by Bob Morrell

Trade shows and exhibitions are a massive market, with thousands of events taking place annually around the world.

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Unlocking Success: Discover the DRIVES That Cultivate Collaboration & Self-Worth for Business Growth

by Bob Morrell

As a manager, you constantly strive to maximise your business’s potential. However, it’s not uncommon to face challenges along the way.

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From Bots to Chats: How Contact Centres Need to Overcome the Challenges of IVR

by Jeremy Blake

We’ve all been there – calling a contact centre, going through the automated system, pressing copious buttons, and having to answer numerous security questions in response to a computer voice…

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Homeworker Contact Centres: 7 Tips for Success

by Jeremy Blake

As the working from home trend continues to grow, it’s important to equip yourself with effective strategies to thrive in this new dynamic.

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Stop Winging It! Why Rehearsal Is Your New Habit

by Bob Morrell

Rehearsals for many events, speeches and presentations are very important. Many years ago, we were actors and so that’s our habit. We rehearse stuff. Many people don’t.